I often explain that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a technology that arose from the Contact Centre (Call Centre) environment, as call centre agents need a very quick means of getting to customer information and all their related information at the click of a button and centred around the customer that happens to be on the end of their phone at that time and is usually in a tearing hurry to get off the phone.

As I come from a strong Call Centre technology design background, it made sense for me to become “Mr CRM” in the wider business arena that CRM now plays in outside of the call centre world. My wheel has now turned full circle with Zoho’s integration with Twilio, to empower an out of the cloud “Pop-Up” contact centre technology platform.

The combination of these two giants of cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) means that a call centre, or customer focused workgroup, can be provisioned and powered with comprehensive data and telephony systems, without any outlay in servers, telephone and call recording equipment, outside of a desktop computer and a broadband connection. And also in a matter of hours.

The integration uses a built-in browser soft phone and Voice Over IP (VOIP) technologies (think Skype and Google Hang-Outs) to transmit voice conversations via broadband and Computer Telephony Integration (CTi) to tie the voice conversation into the customer records and data and also means that JUST a desktop computer, with either a headset or speakers/microphone is needed to make and receive voice calls.

When a customer calls in, if the telephone number they’re calling from is captured against their customer record, their name and details are “popped” allowing the person answering to be more prepared for the call:

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 21.36.50

The caller’s full customer record, or the most recent opportunity or interaction can then be clicked and viewed immediately, getting straight to the heart of the matter the caller has called to discuss:

Zoho Twilio 2

Further details can be added to the customer’s existing interactions or data can be updated and further tasks can be agreed and scheduled during the call:

Zoho Twilio 3

When the call is completed, the call details are automatically added to the customer’s activity record, giving both evidence that the interaction took place AND saving time over manually adding the interaction details. Agreed and future tasks are also automatically added:

Zoho Twilio 4

As an option, inbound and outbound calls can be recorded, for training and quality control purposes etc and the recording is then stored in the customer’s record and can easily be replayed:

Zoho Twilio 5

An outbound call is very easily made by hovering over and clicking the appropriate number to be dialed:

Zoho Twilio 6

The person being called will see the outbound number that you’ve setup for your cloud based telephone system in their phone and this can be a local or other number as appropriate for your needs and again call notes and other data and updates can be made and captured during the call:

Zoho Twilio 7

At the end of the call, all call details, timings and notes, including the complete call recording if required, are automatically added to the customer record. Again saving agent time in manually adding these details.

Zoho Twilio 8

So, FANTASTIC (AMAZING?!!) and QUICK to implement functionality and abilities, out of the cloud and instantly implementable using our proven rapid Business Analysis to Implementation model!!

And the price and cost of ownership? Almost CERTAINLY a fraction of what’s expected 🙂

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