Phil joined my team in early 2015 when I needed help to deliver the third leg of my strategic journey to IT Excellence. We needed the right technology in place to enable our people executing effective and efficient processes across the IT life-cycle. Phil is comfortable and engages at C level through to the coal face. He was quickly up to speed and fluent between business and tech speak. Phil's positive attitude and enthusiasm made him a trusted partner to both our outsourced delivery team and our internal stakeholders It was great that Phil kept the right balance of when to positively challenge and stick to key points and priorities and when to compromise a win:win. In a nutshell, Phil is great to 'take the ball and run with it' to the set finish line. Thanks for all your help and support during this transformational journey. Tagged in: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , [Expand]

Mitchells and Butlers – ServiceNow

Phil helped us implement Zoho CRM and built an API between zoho and our marketing automation service, enabling us to automate sharing of data across both systems. He made the switch-over to Zoho feel effortless, asking probing questions about our processes and data capture requirements, and providing expert guidance before building the final systems. When we’ve done the scoping work, it’s all been with flipchart and pen, making it really easy for us to move forward with the 2 projects. And as we’ve become more confident with our new CRM, he’s been at the end of a text or email to help when we’ve needed it. I couldn’t recommend Phil highly enough; he’s very wise and knowledgeable about his subject matter and his ability to keep things simple for the “non-technicals” is refreshing Tagged in: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , [Expand]

Yoozoom Communications

Hi Phil, I would just like thank you for all your recent work with getting us live with our Zoho CRM system. As we had not had anything in place we were unsure that we could implement a CRM system quickly and when you suggested the 8 hour sprint session, I didn’t know if we would get the system configured and staff trained in the time frame you suggested. I needn't have worried, you managed to get the information out of us instantly and by the end of this we had a system running. One week later and all our users are running Zoho on a day to day basis and all our information is migrated in! I can’t thank you enough for assisting us with this and the instant ongoing support you have given us since the day, I appreciate I have put quite a few bits to you! I would be happy to recommend Little Blue and Zoho CRM to anyone, and should you like any of your clients to speak to a reference site, I would be more than happy to oblige. Once again, thank you for all your work and assistance. Ryan Eastwood General Sales Manager Tagged in: , , , , , , , , , [Expand]

Copier Systems CRM Sprint Session

I found Phil and Little Blue completely by accident when trying to navigate the Zoho / Salesforce minefield. What initially drew me to them was the fact that they consult on both Salesforce & Zoho which was important to me as i was still undecided between which product to go for and felt their dual ability would make them more impartial than the other single product firms i came across. And i genuinely couldn’t have asked for a more like minded, commercial and knowledegable CRM partner. Having understood our needs immediately, Phil implemented the most cost effective solution in a very short period of time and after working closely with us over the 1st few weeks has now ‘taught us to fish’ and be largely self sufficient - a concept i am sure he shares with all his prospects and customers! Thoroughly and genuinely recommended Tagged in: , , , , , , , , , , , , , [Expand]

Matt Haycox

We have been working with Little Blue for several months and what we have achieved is really quite remarkable. We have come from having no CRM system at all, to an almost fully integrated and bespoke system. I have had extensive experience with IT companies in the past and it has always been slow and expensive. With Phil and Little Blue it has been very different. We have had a huge amount of development in a very short time period. The results have been impressive. I am astounded as to what we are now able to do. Personally however the two things I find most agreeable are first the transparency. There is no thought of hidden charges or sudden expenses. Everything is about delivery. Secondly, it is a collaborative process, where you can speak to Phil and ask him and his colleagues questions and throw ideas around without it being “on the clock” as it were. I heartily recommend Little Blue and I intend to recommend them to anyone who has a need for a CRM system. It is important to know that they do not make any money out of the actual physical CRM system itself whether it be Zoho or Salesforce nor do they impose their opinions upon you. The advice is objective but sensible. The one thing that cannot be argued with is the results. Tagged in: , , , , , , , , [Expand]

James Killerby

Great Results, High Integrity, Creative At EC Harris we were looking to replace our existing software products with one built on the latest technology platform and encapsulating the best practice from our leading practitioners in built asset optimisation, asset ownership and business performance. To achieve this I needed someone to manage the development lifecycle whilst creating logical and innovative solutions to complex problems. Phil achieved this with aplomb. He is confident, enthusiastic and diplomatic, and has an ability to focus and drive down to the final level of detail whilst keeping the bigger picture firmly in mind. He adapted and undertook what was necessary to achieve the desired outcome. Phil established good relationships with all involved and I would certainly work with Phil again. [Expand]

Phil Reynolds

Dear Phil Just a few words to thank you for all your help and guidance in the implementation of our new CRM system. As you know we had spent thousands of pounds and tens of hours with a so called IT company who failed to deliver. One day with you achieved more than several weeks with the previous company. And at a fraction of the cost! When you arrived on Friday the system was yet to be installed, by the time you left the system was fully implemented and we had all been trained to operate the software, I wouldn't have believed it possible. Your vast IT knowledge coupled with your knack for simplifying and teaching the various stages of the ‎ operation processes is a gift. Looking forward as we develop and grow I can see how having you around will be integral to our company's future growth plans. [Expand]

Christian Higgins

In the time I have known Phil he has demonstrated a drive and passion for projects we have worked on. His objectivity is a great benefit in gaining clarity on projects and together with his personable approach he would be a benefit to any company. [Expand]


Phil’s creativity and passion turned Zoho into the right tool to empower our sales efforts. His skills and knowledge enabled us to integrate Zoho with another platform which took our organisational efficiency on a much higher level. I would strongly recommend Phil to everyone who expects excellence, passion and innovation. Tagged in: , , , , , , , , [Expand]

Tanya Dale

Having shopped around to find the best CRM product for our growing company we were very aware of the need to design something that not only met today’s business needs but our future aspirations. But whilst there are some good Zoho tutorials online it was difficult to use them to model our own requirements. We invested in half a day of Phil’s time and it was money well spent. By the end of the session we understood the core building blocks within Zoho and how we could make them work for us. The session was crammed with tangible information that brought the system alive for us and we are now confident that we can build a CRM system for today and the future. Phil’s level of knowledge and enthusiasm were infectious and I find myself excited about where Zoho can take us. Tagged in: , , , , [Expand]

Jo Scaife

The session I had with Phil laid to rest any fears and doubts I had in my head about working with Zoho for the first time, and his knowledge of the system helped me to see how we could make Zoho fit our business and make the best use of its features. Tagged in: , , , , [Expand]

Edward Bailey

We contacted Phil at Little Blue and at short notice he came and conducted a well-structured and very useful strategy in a training half day season in our offices. This has really shown us the power and potential of ZOHO CRM. We would certainly like to deal with Phil and Little Blue again and recommend Phil highly to others who wish to set up optimise their CRM systems. Tagged in: , , , , [Expand]

Mark Butters