The death of biros and notebooks

What the Company Do

It was a manufacturing company full of traditional engineers and sales men, armed with spiral-bound notebooks and chewed biros.

They were a successful team and liked selling. They also likedtheir notebooks and biros.

What they hated was each spending a full eight-hour day entering data into the sales director’s spreadsheet so he felt like he had a handle on their sales pipeline.

What did we do

The revelation that it took 64 hours each time he wanted an update pushed the sales director to make a change and they chose Little Blue to empower the business transformation, via a recommendation from Zoho Inc themselves.

He wanted instant, up-to-the-minute information without the massive loss of productivity. And the system also had to work for the time-served traditionalists that were his salesforce.

Having built a bespoke system based on a Zoho Enterprise Platform we supported the transition with some training. Our director, Phil, describes the audience that day as potentially one of the toughest crowds he’s ever played to.

Notebooks and biros in hand they sat, arms crossed, waiting for the session to begin. In the middle of the opening segment one of the salesmen closed his notebook and pushed it away from him. A few minutes later the same man took a breath to prepare to speak and as Phil readied himself for the heckling he was expecting, the salesman declared: “I’ve been waiting for this all my working life!”

Blown away by the feedback and now even more confident that the team would soon get used to using the new system, Phil finished off the session with the satisfaction of a crowd won over and a job well done.

Phil was surprised to receive a phonecall at 8.15am the following morning from the sales director. So eager were they to get started and so obviously immediately comfortable in using their new Zoho tool, the entire sales team were at their desks typing prospects and opportunities into their system and he couldn’t help but call to let Phil know 🙂

How did it help them

Instant information about prospects, appointments and the pipeline is available to anyone at any time using Zoho CRM. This gives the sales director not only data (which his spreadsheet could have given him) but absolutely up to the minute information.

The use of Zoho’s intelligent dashboards give a snapshot of each of their key metrics and allows production planning and adjustment of tasks along with better targeting of resources.

But more than that, the Zoho Enterprise CRM and Sales Force Automation system has become as integral to the sales team as their notebooks and biros used to be. No more eight-hour sessions providing updates for the director. Just constant use of a system built around them and their needs.