Building maintenance company

What the Company Do

This VERY busy and VERY quickly growing business was beginning to drown under the sheer weight of faxes, computer printouts, photographs, quotes, job sheets, receipts and other paperwork that was produced per job and the administration effort was rapidly outweighing the time spent doing the do and was creating an increasingly stressful environment to work in, not to mention the increasing athleticism required to move around the office and avoid the growing and sprawling paper mountains.

They were desperate for a centralised and digital method of tracking maintenance jobs, from intial job submission from their large property portfolio customers, through job progress and cost monitoring to completion and final invoicing

It was essential that the system could be accessed from anywhere, by anyone and from multiple devices

What did we do

This Customer got in touch via a personal business  recommendation from another Customer we’d helped.

They had already spent a LOT of money and time with a traditional IT supplier, which was delivering nothing usable and following another frustrating demonstration of “”progress””, which amounted to a dashboard with no underlying data, they called time and this is where we came in.

In our initial conversation with The MD it was obvious that a fire was brightly burning and threatening to take a firm hold and needed an immediate intervention.

Working with the previous supplier had left the customer with a complete horror of business analysis sessions, so we proposed a one day “CRM Sprint Session” which is a combination of Analysis, Design, Build, Implementation and training, all run at the maximum pace the customer can stand, to get maximum benefit from the 8 hour time bracketed session. This session was booked for 2 days after the initial call.

We arrived at 9:30 in the morning at The Customer’s premises and by 13:00 we had a working system, by bending the standard Zoho functionality to achieve their aims. By 14:30 we’d refined the system and both Directors were happily using the system and beginning to enter jobs.

At 16:30 the session was over and from literally NOTHING at the start of the day, The Customer had a working system which did what they needed it to do AND jobs were already being run from it.

How did it help them

The Customer has a working system that does what they’d been crying out for AT a TINY fraction of the cost  they’d spent with a “traditional” development Company.

The Customer has become a confirmed advocate and Evangelist for Little Blue after the an experience of an über  positively productive day and the reality of a VERY hard day’s work (one of The Directors is an ex Paratrooper and remarked he’d NEVER been so exhausted after a day’s work 🙂