• Do your approval processes take a couple of minutes, or are they a nightmare of tracking down people and trying to grab some time?
  • Does your business suffer from business intelligence scattered across multiple spreadsheets and personal data silos?
  • If you could give everybody in your business a reliable and 100% consistent personal assistant to help and guide them in doing their do, would you?
  • Does your business suffer from unclear, disjointed and unregulated communication between departments?
  • Does your business suffer from ad hoc, inconsistent, sometimes misinterpreted and inefficient processes?
  • Does your business suffer from too many manual workarounds and post it calls to action?
  • Is EVERYBODY in your business on the same page and travelling in the same direction?

Expert Salesforce Resource

Expert Salesforce Consultants

Salesforce is the daddy of cloud based CRM platforms. Being a Salesforce Partner means we are trusted to provide the expert knowledge needed to guide you through the giant that is Salesforce. We are expert and experienced Salesforce consultants and implementors and we  can tailor your platform to support pretty much any requirement, revolutionising your entire business through our detailed personalisation. We are here to ensure you are exploiting 100% of its power right from your migration to Salesforce through to expanding the platform as your business grows.

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Expert Zoho Resource

Expert Zoho CRM Consultants

Zoho is a powerful yet affordable cloud based system. We are expert and experienced Zoho CRM consultants and implementors and we can improve your workflow through automated tasks, freeing you up to focus on capturing new opportunities. As a Zoho Partner, Little Blue is fully equipped to bring all your business needs online. Let us provide you with a unified community of cloud based programs, getting your workforce working better. Zoho can be integrated with a huge range of apps and addons, allowing it to adapt to your every business need. With our help Zoho has the potential to cement itself at the core of your business, providing solutions when needed and evolving as your business does.

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Expert aPaaS Consultants

aPaaS???!! application Platform as a Service is simply cloud based technology speak for software application development tools that live in the cloud, which means:

  • You don’t need to worry about, or source, piles of servers, network cables, air conditioning units, backup devices, uninterruptible power supplies AND  the legions of people to mind them all
  • You pay a licence fee, open the browser and off you go
  • The software is available immediately, so we’re straight into the want/think/do/have/use cycle of business analysis, design, build (configure?) and implement
  • The focus  in the programme can therefore be on the requirements, the  why rather than the how

Before we do anything or make any recommendations we take the time to listen and understand the issues facing your business. Be it a lack of communication, pipeline visibility, disjointed customer service or disputes over sales, we can help.

We are experts in the culture and translation of wishes and needs to practical and useful business tools and with years of experience, our consultants and developers are perfectly placed to guide your through the world of CRM with as much or as little assistance as you need. If you relate to the business problems above we can help. The benefits of CRM platforms such as Zoho, Salesforce or force.com might be well know to you, but we guarantee we can get it working harder, providing answers to problems you didn’t even realise needed a solution.

Being force.com, Salesforce and Zoho partners means we confidently say we can revolutionise your use of CRM, we have plenty of testimonials that say just that. We implement platforms quickly and smoothly, meaning little or no disruption to you and your team.

We will ensure your migration to Salesforce or Zoho or development of new force.com apps is as easy and effective as possible. We are CRM and Service Management virtuosos and we make the transition to new and more appropriate toolsets even easier with the integration of email, productivity and other products to get your business working at maximum efficiency as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our job is making sure your business tool platforms are doing everything they promised…and then some. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what a client had to say following another successful implementation: “from now we’ll be doing anything new in salesforce.com and with Little Blue. With our previous systems experience, we’ve been used to 3 months to get anything done, with you it’s more like 3 days”.


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